Custom Balloon Printing

We offer custom printing of 30cm latex balloons in a variety of colours and quantities Australia-wide.

These high quality balloons are silk screen printed to your exact requirements.

To get started simply email us your print quality image file with your requirements.

Our experienced staff will ensure your image is suitable for printing and provide you with a quote.

Minimum Order

Minimum order is strictly 100 (for one side, one ink colour) or 250 for other variations. No exceptions can be made.

Having ready a print quality eps/pdf file of the image you want on the balloon will greatly streamline the process. However if you just wish for some text printed on the balloons we can assist.

Lead Time

We prefer 7 business days notice when ordering. Faster turnaround is possible but will incur a "rush fee".

Multi Coloured Images

Please note the printing process does not allow for many colour photo quality images. If a "photo" image is desired on a balloon then it must be done with stippling - ie using different thickness of dots to either create the illusion of tones, shades and graduated fills or to differentiate between a dark colour and a light colour within a design.

Up to 4 ink colours may be used in printing - but please note we require a 3-5mm gap between ink colours when multi-colour screen printing, this is due to the movement that occurs between each ink colour. The balloons are inflated when printing, it prints the first colour and then moves to another position to print the second colour - due to the movement that occurs when changing positions this second colour may move up, down, left or right up to 5mm.


The balloons can be couriered straight to your door after the printing process, or we can hold them for you for future inflation requirements.

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